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Predicting Soil Sorption Coefficients of Phenanthrene Using a Neural Network Model   Research Article
The Frequency of Head Lice, Health Practices and Its Associated Factors in Primary Schools in Khorramshahr, Iran   Research Article
The Effect of Exercise Type on Inflammatory Markers in Obese Survivors With Breast Cancer: Randomized Control Trial   Research Article
Bacterial and Fungal Contamination of Elevator Buttons in University Schools of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran   Research Article
Ergonomics Risk Management in a Manufacturing Company Using ELECTRE   Research Article
Study of Personal Hearing Protection Devices Usage in Kashan Carpet Industry Workers   Research Article
Characteristics of Iranian Hookah Smokers Aged 15 and Above: A Primary Report   Research Article
Assessment of Lead Contamination in Soils of Urban Parks of Khorramabad, Iran   Research Article
Health Literacy in Older Adults and Its Related Factors: A Cross-Sectional Study in Southeast Iran   Research Article
Estimation of the Number of Excess Hospitalizations Attributed to Sulfur Dioxide in Six Major Cities of Iran   Research Article
Application of Heterogeneous Catalytic Ozonation Process with Magnesium Oxide Nanoparticles for Toluene Degradation in Aqueous Environments   Research Article