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Long-Term Residential Ambient Air Pollution and Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Systematic Review   Review Article
Assessing the Application of the Flexible Joint in the Exhaust Pipe and Braided Wire Damper in Muffler on the Sound Emitted by the CG125 Motorcycle Exhaust   Research Article
Efficacy of Net Epoxy Resin for Electromagnetic Shielding in X-Band Frequency Range   Research Article
Forecasting the Trend of Traffic Accident Mortality in West Iran   Research Article
Effects of Sleep Quality on the Academic Performance of Undergraduate Medical Students   Research Article
Community Oriented Medical Education for Learning of Pathobiology   Research Article
Optimization of Atrazine Degradation in the Aqueous Phase Using Titanium Catalyst Doped With Iron (Fe+3-TiO2) Processes   Research Article
Investigation of Photocatalytic Oxidation and Wet Absorption in a Combined System for Removal of Nitrogen Oxides   Research Article
Air Pollution and Emergency Department Visits for Headache and Migraine   Research Article