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Knowledge and Beliefs Regarding TMD: Has Anything Changed After 20 Years?   Research Article
The Single Item Burnout Measure is a Psychometrically Sound Screening Tool for Occupational Burnout   Research Article
Noise-Induced Hearing Loss: Prevention is Possible   Research Article
Internet Addiction and Happiness Among Medical Sciences Students in Southeastern Iran   Research Article
Assessment of Seasonal Variations of Average Traffic Pollution Levels in Curbside Open-Air Microenvironments in Kolkata, India   Research Article
Dispersion Modeling of Nitrogen Dioxide in Ambient Air of Ahvaz City   Research Article
The Effect of Educational Intervention Based on the Transtheoretical Model on Stages of Change of Physical Activity in a Sample of Employees in Iran   Research Article
Air Quality and Health Risks Associated With Exposure to Particulate Matter: A Cross-Sectional Study in Khorramabad, Iran   Research Article
Health-Related Counseling Needs in Adolescent Girls: A Qualitative Study   Research Article
A Study of the Mental Health and Psychological Hardiness of the Staff at the Pars Special Economic Energy Zone in Iran: A Cross-Sectional Study   Research Article
Cadmium and Lead Disruption in Soils Around the Hegmatan Cement Factory, Iran   Research Article