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Oxidative Damage Modeling by Biomonitoring of Exposure to Metals for Manual Metal Arc Welders   Research Article
Removal of Sodium Dodecylbenzene Sulfonate by Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor, Using Synthetic Media   Research Article
Drug Demand Function for Iranian Urban Households Based on Households' Budget   Research Article
Comparison of Two Types of Diets on Losing Weight and Lipid Profile of Overweight/Obese Middle-Aged Women Under Exercise Condition   Research Article
Lime Stabilization of Waste Activated Sludge   Research Article
Modeling Nitrate Removal by Nano-Scaled Zero-Valent Iron Using Response Surface Methodology   Research Article
Optimization of Nitrate Reduction by Electrocoagulation Using Response Surface Methodology   Research Article
Self-Inflicted Burn Injuries in Kermanshah: A Public Health Problem   Research Article
Hookah Use Among Youth and Young Adults: A Public Health Challenge   Letter
Adsorption of Xylene From Air by Natural Iranian Zeolite   Research Article